Culinary Explorer

My culinary journey began more than 40 years ago.  At the time, a kid who liked to cook, host dinner parties and entertain was unique and attention grabbing (especially with the girls).  What started out as a way to earn friends on bus rides to a new school grew into a curiosity and passion for authentic human interaction; inventive, delicious and inspiring food; and a desire to bring people together through a shared culinary experience.

In addition to cooking I have developed an intimate knowledge of wine and its pairing with food.  From well known varietals such as Chardonnay and Syrah to less familiar Marsanne and Amarone, wine has the ability to accentuate a meal and heighten a dining experience.  

More recently I began to dabble in mixology and the art of crafting cocktails.  Through creating custom simple syrups, muddling unexpected ingredients and/or infusing alcohols unique flavor profiles can be created to please any diner's palate.

While over the years I have sourced rare and interesting ingredients, learned advanced techniques, and researched various cooking styles, I continue to believe in pragmatic perfectionism.  That is to say that while I am experienced as a baker; confectioner; savory chef; wine steward and mixologist, I happily defer to those who specialize in these areas.  What is important to me as a host is that the food be enjoyed and that the dining experience be magic.